Preventative Maintenance

Focused on saving energy and reducing breakdownsTown Center Inc. understands that just as important as the installation, is the service provided after completion. We have a highly trained staff of service technicians, strategically located throughout the Lower Peninsula connected with radio dispatch, GPS tracking and paging systems to provide you with complete coverage day or night.

In order to better serve our customers, we do not have a set agreement and fee. Our Preventative Maintenance Programs and Services are tailored specifically to meet your equipment requirements and concerns. We listen to your problems and concerns related to increasing workplace comfort and system performance.

Our maintenance programs keep your equipment running at peak performance by routinely inspecting on and adjusting all controls to factory recommended settings. Our customized preventative maintenance program has been working successfully for our customers for over 35. Here’s how it works:A member of Town Center Inc. will come out to your site and perform an initial audit of all your equipment. Gathering the correct information (including make, model, serial, voltage, wattage, gas type, dimensions, etc.) here is crucial to the overall success of the PM program.

We will then develop a customized program that is suited to your requirements. Each piece of equipment will have its own checklist outlining the specific safety procedures that we will check during routine visits.

Upon each completion of the program you will be furnished with a report that includes: service histories and detailed cost information. This information can be used to compare cost and reliability for each piece of equipment.

Another customer had been unable to resolve a problem with a damper operation for years with their previous service company. We spent the time to investigate the problem in-depth. It was discovered that it was not a control issue as previously thought, but a mechanical linkage problem with the damper. We made the necessary repair to the damper and the system worked properly.

Here are some of the key benefits:
• Preferred response times
• Lower overall maintenance costs
• Energy efficient operation
• Impact on food quality
• Regular safety check ups
• Fewer emergency calls
• Less down time
• Lifecycle cost analysis
• Prolonged equipment life
• Complete service histories

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